Social Cognitive Skills Program

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Social Cognitive Skills Program

This is a 10 week session that provides Social Cognitive Skills Development skills including:

  • Development of appropriate friendship skills, identifying levels of friendship

  • Conversational skills – i.e., verbal and non-verbal

  • Socializing through gestures and body language

  • How to engage in a play date or in play with a large number of other peers

  • How to respond to “teasing”

Studies have shown that a big part of Social Cognitive Skills learning is to practice the skills with typical peers. This program not only provides this opportunity, but will also allow opportunities to educate typical children about the needs of children with social deficits and special needs and will foster tolerance and collaboration between the children in real life situations/school setting.

The majority of the sessions will be held at the Pediatric Minds Medical Center offices. Some sessions will be held at a “fun” location outside of the center-based setting in the community to practice the skills learned.

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