As parents from England with a 4 ½ year old child who was desperately behind with his development with no language and strange behaviors, it is hard to describe the frustration and worry we experienced. With no clear diagnosis and out of desperation we looked on the internet for help and was extremely lucky to come across the ECTC program at Pediatric Minds in the US. Yes it was a long journey and a huge commitment but we hoped in some way it would help our son. What we gained after the treatment they provided was more than we could have possibly hoped for or expected.

First of all we got a clear and accurate diagnosis based on a thorough examination which included questionnaire and observation. They identified not only his obvious symptoms but problems we were unaware of and issues that would affect him later in life. They were honest and although making us aware of the negatives informed us of the positives based on their wealth of experience.

What was amazing however was the treatment itself. They sat down with us and explained how it works and how it could help our child they taught us how to implement it and the specific problems it could address and the long-term benefits and quality of life that he could now attain. Seeing with our own eyes the results of the treatment in just a few short weeks was miraculous.

Now armed with a clear prognosis and with the skills they have armed us with we can go back to the UK and be able, finally, to help our child and continue the progress they have started and made possible.

We consider ourselves fortunate to, in the nick of time, been able to benefit from Pediatric Minds program of early intervention and know that without it and their help the future for our son Lucas would have been very bleak.

From all our family our deep felt thanks.



-Stephen and Ellie Lawrence (UK)