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About ECTC


Integrated intensive outpatient treatment program for young children

The Early Childhood Treatment Center, a division of Pediatric Minds Medical Center, is a short-term integrated intensive day treatment program for young children ages 2 to 6 years who have autism, developmental disabilities, and behavioral disorders.  This is a unique multi-disciplinary early intervention program that provides cognitive and developmental assessments for each child, an individualized intensive treatment program that is provided one on one, speech therapy and occupational therapy consults, psychological and medical evaluations and medication treatment if necessary.  The program also provides daily parent meetings and weekly parent training to ensure the behavioral changes are being implemented and carried out at home as well.  This is all provided in a family friendly setting.  The program is daily for 3hrs per day, 5days per week for an average of 12 weeks (pending insurance coverage).  The program is contracted with and funded through medical insurance.  We are currently accepting patients.  Please visit our website or call our office for more information.


Children diagnosed with behavioral disorders


Young children diagnosed with behavioral disorders, development delays, and/or autism, experience severe chronic problems and major life difficulties.


Early and aggressive interventions

Early and aggressive intervention at the right time during pediatric brain development is crucial in determining long term developmental outcome.  Studies have repeatedly shown that the earlier you start helping children with any developmental needs, the better their outcomes.

The first five (5) years of life are crucial to brain development in children, and many long term skills are established during this time period.  This is a critical window of opportunity to make the most difference in long term outcome!  The main areas of development that occur during this time period include physical and motor development, cognitive development, communication and language, social and emotional development, and adaptive skills development.

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