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Pediatric Minds is now actively involved in clinical research in the field of neuro-developmental disorder, Autism and epilepsy.  We are excited to collaborate with UCLA Medical Center, Department of Child Neurology, Genetics and Psychology, to study and learn about these disorders.

There are many questions that need to be answered in the field of neuro-developmental disorders such as the following?

  • Are there bio-markers that we could discover to help identify at risk children for Autism and/or other delays and to provide early interventions to maximize their future outcome.  which includes how to better identify bio-markers to help in early diagnosis and early treatment?
  • Do all children with Autism need an EEG?  How to identify and differentiate between those who are at risk for seizures and those who are not?
  • Do children with significant delays and deficits have a higher risk of having an underlying genetic syndrome or gene mutation?

Through our research and collaboration, we hope to better understand and work towards answering some of the issues/questions posed to better be able to help and meet the needs of our patients.

Research Team:

Pantea Sharifi Hannauer, MD
Shaun Hussain, MD
Divya Nadkarni, MD
Michelle Allen-Sharpley, MD
Ted Hutman, PhD
Janet Vivero, PhD

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